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Swann Morton Cygnetic No15 CYG15 Stainless Steel Blade 5305 *

Cygnetic Stainless Steel Blades are supplied Sterile in boxes of 50, Individually V.P.I. protected in Metal Foil packets.

All prices on this website include VAT (20%).

Swann Morton Cygnetic No15 CYG15 Stanless Steel Blade 5305 *
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Box of 50 Swann Morton No15 CYG15 Cygnetic Blades 5305 In Stock £ 19.7

Handles that fit this blade

Swann Morton Cygnetic Stainless Steel Handle 5398 *

The Stainless Steel Cygnetic Handle. Its functionality will assist you with safe and easy blade attachment and removal whilst the simple disassembly for cleaning will be welcomed. The Handle is supplied Non Sterile. Overall length without blade 124mm.   Supplied as Handle only   Blades that fit this Handle are: CYG 10 ref 5301, CYG 11 ref 5303, CYG 15 ref 5305 and CYG 20 ref 5306

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