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Any items listed here are for a limited period.


This may be a special offer or short / out of date product.



If the offer is out of date it will state in the description and only applies to Sterile stock.


Swann Morton ACM No 16 Blade. 5 Blades carded Product No 9136 CLR *

ACM No16

The ACM No 16 Blade is a precision ground carbon steel blade, made by Swann Morton to the same high surgical quality for which the company is renowned.   The No 16 Blade fits the No 1 ACM Handle

No3 Stainless Handle + 50 each No10A and No11 Blades

3 10a 11

1 x No3 Stainless Steel Handle ref 0933   50 x No10A Non Sterile Blades ref 0102 / 50   50 x No11 Non Sterile Blades ref 0103 / 50   Photo's not to scale.

Swann Morton 100 No26 Blades and 1 x No 4 Stainless Steel Handle and 1 x Blade Remover Unit

No4 Starter and BRU

Box of 100 Swann Morton No26 Non Sterile Blades Individually V.P.I. protected in Metal Foil Packets of 5 blades + 1 No 4 Stainless Steel Handle length 130mm + 1 Blade remover unit . The "multi use" non sterile BRU Blade Remover unit allows for safe and easy removal of all sizes   of scalpel blade from both No.3 and No.4 handles. The unit will hold approx 100 Blades


Swann Morton 1 each No 3, 7 and 9 Stainless Steel Handles Ref 0937

3 7 and 9 Handle

No 3 Stainless Steel Graduated Handle. Overall Length 119mm. The Handle is supplied non-sterile and individually wrapped.   No 7 Stainless Steel Handle. Overall Length 160mm. The Handle is supplied non-sterile and individually wrapped.   No 9 Stainless Steel Handle. Overall Length 126mm. The Handle is supplied non-sterile and individually wrapped


Box of 10 Blade Remover Units Swann Morton 5525


Blade Remover Unit (BRU) The Blade Remover Unit is designed to function with all standard No.3 and No.4 fitment scalpel blades and handles. Combining simplicity of operation with safety during use, it can suit those less confident blade users and especially those working in areas where a sharps disposal facility is not immediately available. The unit holds approximately 80 blades, depending which blades type is used. Non-sterile in boxes of 10.   Please note this unit is not suitable for use with a Retracaway 2806.   The Handle and Blade in the photo are not included.

Special price 10 x Trimaway Knives with Guards 1801 / 10 pack

Trimaway Guarded

Purposely designed as an economic throwaway knife, the Trimaway has a strong nylon-based handle fitted with a fixed surgical quality No.25A blade and comes complete with guard.   The Trimaway is particularly suitable for artwork, crafts and model making and the cutting edge requirements of the handy person and D.I.Y. enthusiast.

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